The Investment Minimum Promotional Offer


The Investment Minimum offer allows to place investments with the reduced minimum volume ($100 and more) for 2 months

Dear Investors and Partners,

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. announces the beginning of «The investment minimum» promotional offer, within which the reduced amount of the minimum investment of $100 will be applied. Investments of such volume is an excellent opportunity to see in practice the high level of the investment products offered by the Company without the involvement of large sums. Also the reduced volume of the minimum investment can be interesting to the beginner investors as the first step to the world of the big capitals. Duration of investments with the lowered «entry threshold» makes 2 months, and it means that you will be able to fully realize in a very short time the quality of service, profitability and reliability of the trade strategy of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP., so that in the future you might make the decision on the expediency of placing more significant sums of money.

The Investment Minimum promotional offer will remain in force from 00:00 (GMT+3) April 29th, 2017 till 23:59 (GMT+3) May 29, 2017 (one month). During the specified term, any Investor (except for those who have already seized the opportunity of placing their investments for a period of 2 months) will be able to create an investment beginning with $100 (one hundred US dollars).

The duration of investments with the reduced minimum volume is 2 months (fixed). The opportunity to place an investment of such volume is given only once and is considered as a demo investment. Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. reserves the right to make changes in the conditions and duration of the promotional offer.

The Partners of the Company are recommended to make a presentation of the Investment Minimum promotional offer both for acting Investors and Partners, and for prospective Clients because it will allow to attract a wider audience to the participation in the project, and thus, it will positively affect the size of your partner income.

The Administrative Department of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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