Opening of investor access to corporate accounts


The technical base for opening of investor access to real corporate trading accounts of the Company is being prepared.

Dear Partners and Investors!

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. is glad to report that we’ve come to the final phase of the preparation of technological base for granting to the interested investors special (investor) access to real corporate trading accounts, on which the automated trade by investment programs (conservative, moderate and aggressive) is carried out.

The broker company serving the corporate trading accounts of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. has kindly provided special technical access in the «Investor» regime (only for viewing), using which, each investor will be able to do the following in real time:

  • trace the current dynamics and real market quotations of those financial instruments on which business on corporate accounts of the Company is done;
  • look through the history of trade operations;
  • look through the current open positions;
  • look through the list of financial (bank) operations of replenishment of the corporate account and withdrawal of funds;
  • trace real (actual) indicators of profitability and dynamics of the capital growth on each of investment programs.

For protection of trade operations of the Company against direct copying, the broadcast of transactions with binary options will be carried out with a 15-minute delay. Broadcast of financial operations (that is, operations of input-output of money) will be carried out in real time (upon performance of the corresponding bank operations).

Thus, Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. adheres to high standards of openness and transparency of information provided to investors. Monitoring of corporate trading accounts of the Company will allow any investor to have at each timepoint the complete insight into the current situation, and also into the results of the past transactions.

Date of opening of access to the corporate accounts of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. for viewing them in the «Investor» regime: March 20, 2017.

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. —The incredible future of trade technologies comes today!

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