New opportunities are presented on the website


The corporate website of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. has been updated taking into account recent innovations.

Dear Partners and Investors,

many of you already know about a series of positive changes introduced by Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. lately. However, up to now these changes have not been presented on the corporate website in view of the fact that all information was being translated into 7 languages. Now all innovations have taken their places on the corresponding pages.

On this occasion, we would like to draw additional attention of Partners and Investors to the new opportunities available to you.

Any Partner who attracts in his first line the volume of new investments of $10000 or more after September 25, 2017, will now earn the increased partner rewards, and this increase is really substantial: by 20% of the previous values. Transition to the higher level of partner remunerations will be carried out (at achievement of the specified volume of the involved investments in the first line) automatically.

Any Investor who creates new active investments of $2000 and more after 27.09.2017 can:

  • transfer them to the improved investment programs (with the increased profitability) by clicking on the Investment Upgrade button in Investment Details;
  • create new investments by the improved investment programs: Conservative PLUS, Moderate PLUS, Aggressive PLUS.

What is more, irrespective of the total volume of investment, and also of a line of investment programs (standard or improved), each investor can have an opportunity of monthly capitalization of investment body by 3% per month, which, undoubtedly, will influence positively the current income.

The raised profit is also offered now by the premium programs (with the fixed profitability).

We recommend our Partners making one more presentation of the described opportunities for their structures because this is a direct opportunity to earn extra partner fees without attracting new people. Also, we suggest everybody studying the changed pages:

  • To Investors;
  • To Partners;
  • FAQ.

Please find out more about the described innovations and tell your Partners about them.

We wish you success in your business development! We strongly believe that the activated changes will allow you to receive the maximum return from the cooperation with the Company.

Yours faithfully,
Management of
Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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New opportunities are presented on the website

The corporate website of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. has been updated taking into account recent innovations.


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New investment programs with increased profitability and a possibility of investment body capitalization.


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Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. declares that money withdrawal will be available once a week.