Withdrawal of money


Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. declares that money withdrawal will be available once a week.

Dear Partners and Investors,

the representatives of Management and Directorate of the highest managing Partners (leaders) of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. have issued an offer to set the time for money withdrawal on a weekly basis. After a serious and comprehensive discussion of this offer, the Management of the Company has made the decision on accepting it and setting the following rules concerning money withdrawal.

Money withdrawal will be available every Tuesday: from 0:00:00 till 23:59:59, Central European time, (CET or GMT+1). The GMT+1 time zone has been chosen because it covers Berlin, Paris and some other large European capitals, and in this region, as well as in the regions with slightly different time zones, not less than 75% of Users of the Company live.

It gives the Partners of the Company the chance of receiving additional commissions without any efforts because the part of money that will not be withdrawn has a good chance of being invested in new investment or partner programs, and consequently, will bring an additional income.

It gives the Investors the additional guarantee of receiving high income (according to new investment programs) that, as all of you know, has been announced. Preservation of the amount of money on trading accounts of the Company will lead to the fact that profitability of trade operations can be increased due to carrying out additional transactions during the same time.

It is also important to understand that the volume of incoming funds is distributed between bank transfers (39%), receipts from processing centers (36%) and payments through electronic payment systems (25%), while the amount of cash withdrawals that are made The company goes 100% only through electronic payment systems. The company incurs certain costs associated with the withdrawal of funds from bank accounts, as well as the transfer of cash in electronic payment systems.

With sincere regards,

Respectfully yours,
Management of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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