New investment programs


New investment programs with increased profitability and a possibility of investment body capitalization.

Dear Investors and Partners,

as you probably already know, the Department of Development of Trading Systems constantly improves and updates the current investment algorithms. Up to the present moment these updates have had the form of minor improvements, but today we can declare that the quantity has developed into quality. Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. declares the start of new investment programs:

  • Aggressive-Plus;
  • Moderate-Plus;
  • Conservative-Plus.

These programs’ profitability has been significantly increased in comparison with the previous values. You can see the factual figures of old and new investment programs on the «Investors» page (in the nearest future).

Such opportunity is provided for those investors who have active (existing) old-pattern investment programs and wish to switch them to the new (increased) profitability. For this purpose, they should invest an additional sum of $2000 or more (in one or several investments, including the Investor Fix Re-Invest and Partner Fix Re-Invest programs). The investment validity period (upon transition from old-pattern programs to the new ones) will remain the same as was chosen during investment creation, but the counting will be carried out from the moment of transition to a higher profitability (that means that in practice the investment validity period will be extended).

The increased profitability will be available to all newly created investments on condition of presence of the total amount of investments of $2000 (it will be possible to create an investment with the old investment programs – «Aggressive», «Moderate» and «Conservative» – at any time, as before).
For programs:

  • Investor Fix Re-Invest;
  • Partner Fix Re-Invest and
  • Fixed

the profitability also increases in comparison with the previous rate (from the moment of publication of this news the raised investment income will accrue upon all operating and newly created investments of these types).

For all existing investment programs (except programs with the fixed profitability: Fixed, Partner Fix Re-Invest, Investor Fix Re-Invest) there is an opportunity of investment body capitalization by 3% monthly. This service is optional. The possibility of capitalization is available in the «Master» to the newly created investments right upon their creation. To the operating investments it is available in the “Investment Details” (Personal Account / Investments / List of Investments / Details). When capitalization is activated for an already operating investment, then the first increase of investment body will be carried out right on the first working day after the choice of this option if 1 calendar month has passed from the moment of acceptance of investment to management, and after that every month since this date, and the profit will cease to be paid from the current incomplete week and will be paid upon termination of investment validity period.

Furthermore, the investment income will be collected, but not be paid weekly. The increased deposit body along with all saved-up (increased) income on this investment can be received upon the termination of investment validity period.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the increase in investment body by 3% gives an additional effect – the monthly additional growth of investment profit (by means of the increased investment body volume).

Partners are recommended to inform investors in their structures about these new opportunities. It will be reasonable to make a corresponding presentation for the participants of the structure.

We wish you successful investments!
Yours faithfully,
Management of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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