Rise of the partner reward rates


Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. is happy to introduce the higher partner reward rates.

Dear Partners and Investors!

As you already know, in the process of its steady progressive development, Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. adheres to a policy of comprehensive support for the Partners, for their business, and for the development of the partner network as a whole, as a high-priority, key direction. Due to the growth of the Company's overall capitalization, as well as the amount of funds available for automatic trading systems (including both own and clients’ funds), we have managed to significantly increase the profitability of the existing investment programs, which, in its turn, allows us to raise partner reward rates for all the eight levels of the structure.

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. is ready to provide the increased partner commission to any Partner who will satisfy the conditions mentioned below.

The increase in the commissions (for each level) makes 20% of a former amount (for example, the amount of partner remuneration for the Agent status level at the first level of structure has made 7.8% versus earlier 6.5%).

Here are some simple calculations according to the table set before. The total volume of partner payments:

  • for the Agent status level makes 22.49% (versus earlier 18.74%);
  • for the Marketing director status level makes 29.22% (versus earlier 24.53%);
  • for the Managing director status level makes 33.73% (and more) (versus earlier 28.11%).

To receive the increased partner commission, the Partner (over the course of unlimited time, since September 25, 2017) should attract new investments with the total amount of $10000 in the 1st line of his structure. At the same time, it does not matter whether these will be one or several big investments, or a lot of small ones. As soon as the specified volume is reached, the Partner will be forever transferred to a higher level of Partner remunerations. The increased volumes of partner remunerations are constant, therefore their validity period is unlimited (and introduction of the raised partner commission is not a single action).

The management of the Company is assured that each Partner will notice an increase in their revenues in the very near future. However, these efforts cannot be deemed truly effective, while in the partner structures there is such a phenomenon as «distribution». Distribution can be defined as deliberate placement by a Partner of the entire investment amount or a part of it via fictitious accounts purposefully created at deeper levels of the structure (the partner network). As a result of such actions as creation of fictitious accounts and placement of investment funds via those accounts, conscientious Partners of higher level suffer, and the amount of their losses can come to tens of thousands US dollars. On the scale of the entire company, losses (direct and indirect) can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On the ordering of used purses

The Company's management and the financial control department believe that to be able to further develop partner relationship confidently and steadily, it is appropriate and even necessary to normalize the situation in this area. That will allow the conscientious, efficient Partners and active Leaders to receive a substantially higher amount of partner rewards without additional efforts on their part, which means that their level of motivation will rise and it will allow them to develop their own business within the Company more effectively.

In this regard, within the comprehensive measures for development of the partner program, the Company asks each Client (an Investor or a Partner) to specify his own account («purse») in payment service providers (one or several) that they prefer to use.

In total, each User can specify one purse in each payment service provider available for withdrawal. The purse in each payment service provider is specified only once (change of an earlier specified purse is possible only on condition of receiving irrefutable proof of the fact that this purse belongs to you). If the purse was not specified in this or that payment service provider, you can specify it at any time.

We must also draw the users’ attention to the fact that this additional measure will ensure, along with counteracting the «distribution», which is expressly prohibited by Clause 5.6 of the Partnership Agreement, a higher level of safety and security for the Clients, as even if an attacker somehow gets access to your account at Stamford Trading Technologies, LP., they will only be able to withdraw funds to the EPS account you specified, that is, to your account, which means that the probability of financial losses is minimized.

Unfortunately, the Company has already received complaints for attackers’ unauthorized access to the accounts of particular Users. That is why we request that you specify your real, current account at one, several, or each EPS that you use, to be confident of financial security in the future.

We wish you every success in your business development.
Best regards,
Administration of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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