A Premium Investment Program for the Investors


Due to the success of the new investment program for the Partners, as well as to the refinement of the trading strategy, a premium investment program for the Investors has been introduced.

Dear Investors and Partners!

As many of you know, earlier in August Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. introduced «Partner Fix Re-Invest», a premium investment program developed specifically for our Partners. The program has achieved success and received wide recognition among the Partners because of its unique features, which include the possibility to top up the invested amount by any sum ($10 or more).

Considering the fact that «Partner Fix Re-Invest» is in high demand, and thanks to the further refinement of the investment strategy, Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. is happy to announce the launch of «Investor Fix Re-Invest», a new premium investment program developed specifically for the Investors.

We are able to offer an extra (higher) yield for this premium program due to the fact that there is no need to transfer money between accounts. The funds that are already on the accounts of the brokerage company are re-invested and, thus, it is possible to reduce costs by avoiding interbank transaction commissions.

The new investment program, «Investor Fix Re-Invest», has been developed specifically to support the exclusive service for the Company's Investors. In accordance with its conditions, each Investor is able to invest their funds with the fixed yield rate of 5% per week with an 8-month horizon.

Therefore, the main advantage of this program is the opportunity to receive the maximum (and, at the same time, fixed) profitability with the investment horizon of 8 months (which, with the Aggressive trading strategy, is only possible on the condition of a 12-month horizon).

The specific characteristics and advantages of the program are:

  • an investment can be created only using the funds on the Investment Account;
  • the sum of an investment can be any size ($10 or more);
  • replenishment (from the Investment Account) of any amount ($10 or more) is allowed during the whole period of investment;
  • the yield rate (5% per week) is equal to the maximum rate for the Aggressive trading program with a 12-month horizon and is fixed (that is, it does not depend on market conditions change);
  • the fixed yield rate for «Investor Fix Re-Invest» is guaranteed by the Company's own assets;
  • funds to be managed are accepted instantly, and the investment income begins accruing from the next (nearest) trading day;
  • Interest income is accrued on a weekly basis;
  • the principal of an investment and the accrued income is paid after an investment has expired;
  • it is possible to reinvest after an investment has matured (with the payment of relevant partner rewards to higher-level partners, as well as with accrual of a 10% bonus).

Each Investor of the company may have only one investment under the «Investor Fix Re-Invest» program, and it does not affect the ability to invest in the other investment programs.

As each Partner is at the same time an Investor, the Partners can also take advantage of this premium program to enlarge their investment income. The Partners are advised to present the above described investment program for their structures, and to consider the opportunity to invest their funds to gain a high fixed income.

As a result of the launch of «Investor Fix Re-Invest», a premium investment program, the Investors have a beneficial opportunity to accumulate, reinvest and capitalize on the funds received as an income from other investment programs. Therefore, instead of inconsiderable sums received weekly, an Investor can withdraw a significant amount after expiration of the premium program, with an extra fixed income.

We wish you every success in your business development, as well as many lucky investments.

Best regards,

Administration of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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