Premium Investment Program for the Partners


Due to the expansion of the partner network, as well as to the refinement of the trading strategy, a premium investment program for the Partners has been introduced.

Dear Partners!

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP., viewing the partnership program as a key factor of the development and prosperity, continues to implement its strategic policy focused on the comprehensive support of the Partners. In connection with the growth of the overall capitalization, the expansion of the partner network, as well as with the unswerving development of the Company's trading strategy, a premium investment program for the Partners has been introduced.

An extra (increased) yield of this premium program has resulted from the fact that it is not necessary to transfer funds between accounts. The funds that are already on the accounts of the brokerage company are put into work, consequently, it is possible to optimize costs by avoiding interbank transaction commissions.

The new investment program is named Partner Fix Re-Invest, and has been developed to support an exclusive service for the Company's Partners specifically. In accordance with its terms, each Partner has an opportunity to make an investment with a fixed interest of 5% per week for a period of 6 months.

The program has the following characteristics and advantages:

  • an investment can be created only using the funds on the Partner account;
  • an investment amount can be any size (starting from $ 10);
  • replenishments (from a Partner's account) for any sum ($ 10 or more) within the entire investment horizon are allowed;
  • the yield rate (5% per week) is equal to the maximum rate for the Aggressive trading program with 12-month investment horizon and is fixed (that is, it does not depend on market conditions change);
  • the fixed yield rate on the Partner Fix Re-Invest investment program is guaranteed by the Company's own assets;
  • funds to be managed are accepted instantly, and investment income begins accruing on the next (nearest) trading day;
  • Interest yield is accrued on a weekly basis;
  • an investment principal and yields accrued are paid out after the maturity of an investment, which allows a partner to accumulate and enlarge their earned partner commission and, therefore, to receive a more considerable and impressive sum over 6 months.
  • it is possible to reinvest after the maturity of an investment (with payments of relevant partner rewards to the partners of higher status levels, as well as with accrual of a 10% bonus).

Each Partner of the company may have only one Partner Fix Re-Invest program investment, and it does not influence the possibility to invest in other investment programs.

We recommend that the Partners should make a presentation of the above described investment program to their structures, and consider the opportunity to invest the funds to gain a high and fixed income.

We wish you every success in your business development and the best of luck in investing.

Best regards,

The Administration of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.


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