New Investment Product with Higher Profitability


Starting from the present moment, we have an opportunity to offer our Investors and Partners a unique investment product

Dear Investors and Partners,

During the spring and the first half of summer 2017 capitalization of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. grew by 2.78 times due to attraction of considerable number of private investors from more than 22 countries. As a result, favorable conditions were created for making extra profit by trading with all three investment strategies (Conservative, Aggressive and Moderate).

Summer time is usually characterized by formation of the so-called «thin market» with increased volatility (due to the decrease in the number of traders). It is the unique opportunity for the trading strategy of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP., which allows to make a bigger profit both due to increase in total number of transactions, and due to more frequent reuse of capital (reinvestment). Thus, all necessary and sufficient conditions are created to give to the respectable Investors of the Company more favorable possibilities for money investment.

Starting from the present moment, we have an opportunity to offer our Investors and Partners a unique investment product. Placing from $10 000 for 12 months and more, you make the monthly increased profit at the level of 22.5% per month (that is, 5.625% per week or 270% per annum). For comparison, earlier by the Aggressive trade strategy (on condition of placement of the capital for 12 months) it was possible to reach profitability of only 20% per month (that is, 240% per annum). We emphasize that profitability on such investments is fixed and doesn’t actually change downward or upward.

The Management of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. also makes the decision to increase the volume of its own funds on corporate trading accounts and recommends to all Investors and Partners to consider such possibility for making extra profit.

The Company suggests that its Partners present this product to the participants of their structures as it will allow not only to increase investment attractiveness, but also to gain additional partner income due to formation of considerable investment flows.

In return, the Development Team of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. continues to improve its trading system, and we can declare with confidence that along with increase in capitalization, the Company will be able to show higher profitability to the Investors!

We wish you successful investments and stable growth of your business!

Yours faithfully,

Management of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP.

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