SMS notification service


A convenient SMS service to notify you of the most important events (in your account and your structure) has been put into operation.

Dear Partners and Investors!

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. is happy to announce the introduction of a convenient SMS notification service that will allow you to stay informed of the most important events in your account and your structure (even if you are not at the computer or do not have online access). We guarantee that this service will not be used for SMS advertising: the service functions exclusively to provide better comfort and convenience for our Users, as well as to provide timely information support for important events. The SMS notification service is free to the Company's Investors and Partners!

To receive SMS notifications of the most important events in your account and your structure, it is necessary to correctly (in international format) specify your real (valid) phone number, as well as go through the easy procedure of its verification. Verified (that is, confirmed) phone numbers will be marked (in your Profile in the Private Office, as well as in the Structure section) with the relevant icon (green). You will begin to receive SMS notifications immediately after your phone number is successfully verified.

By using this service, you will be receiving SMS-notifications of the following events:

  • Registration of a new User in your structure;
  • Creation of a new investment in your account (displaying the number of the newly created investment);
  • Accrual of investment income (for active investments) to your investment account (displaying the sum of the income and the investment number);
  • Your receipt of an internal transfer from another User to your transfer account (displaying the amount of the transfer);
  • Processing of your withdrawal request (displaying the request number and its status);
  • Your account verification in the system.

There is an extra convenience: when viewing their structure information, the Company’s Partners can be sure of the correctness of the specified phone numbers (provided that they are verified and marked with the relevant icon).

Please note that the phone numbers are to be in the following format:

  • The plus sign;
  • The full number (with the mobile operator code).

Please, do not use any other symbols (apart from «plus» and digits) when entering the phone number (do not enter such signs as «space», «hyphen» or brackets).

The correct phone number should look like this: +12345678989 (this number is fictitious and is shown as an example only). If you previously specified the phone number incorrectly (or in the wrong format), you can change it in the Personal data section of your Private Office. If you change the phone number, you will need to re-verify it.

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. recommend that all the Users (Investors and Partners) should specify and verify their mobile phone number to be able to use the SMS notification service. The Company's Affiliate Partners are advised to give a presentation of the above service to their structures.

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