Who are the managers or the founders of the Company, where can I find the information on them?

The Executive Director of the Company is Mr. Patrick Dorf. The top managers of the Company are: Mr. Eduard Zelinski (Lead Affiliate Program Development Manager) and Mr. Green Pittsman (Chief Developer of Financial Market Automated Trading Systems). The founders are legal entities (partner companies). The information on the Company’s founders is not publicly available in accordance with the partnership agreement between the founder companies (partners) and Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. And Semeon Rahim is the Senior Risk Manager (a specialist responsible for the trading system’s stable operation).

Are the Company’s activities licensed?

The Company's activities are software development and provision of its own software as a service for its Investors and Affiliate Partners. In the Republic of Ireland (that is, in the country, where the Company is registered) such type of activity is not subject to mandatory licensing.

Which brokers do you cooperate with or do you act as brokers yourselves?

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. does not perform brokerage or financial asset management activities, it focuses on software development. The company's trading operations on the binary options markets are carried out on the stock, the commodity and the foreign exchange markets. Pursuant to the terms of the agreement entered into between a brokerage company and Stamford Trading Technologies, LP., the name of the brokerage company cannot be disclosed. However, the brokerage company provides specialized investor access (for observation purposes), which makes it possible for any affiliate partner and/or the Company’s investor to monitor current (open) and closed transactions, as well as the dynamics of financial instruments and deposit volume for each of the trading strategies.

How to register an account with the Company?

Click Register button on the Home page of the Company’s corporate website at Fill in the form. Among other things, you need to know the Stamford ID of your curator (that is, the immediately superior affiliate partner of the Company), without that, the registration is not possible. Upon filling in the form and submitting the data, you will receive an e-mail with the link to confirm the registration to the email address specified by you (therefore, you need to give an actual e-mail address). Please check the Spam folder if you have not received the registration confirmation email for a long time (more than 2 minutes).

Am I allowed to manage someone else's account?

No, you do not. The account can be managed only by the person who registered it (whose personal data were specified during the registration). Creation of fictitious accounts by specifying personal data of relatives and/or friends (or «dummies», or «nonexistent» persons) for the purpose of creating fictitious structures cannot take place, otherwise, sanctions may be imposed on such «customers and affiliate partners» by the Company for the damages caused due to those actions.

What if I do not have the curator’s Stamford ID?

The registration with the Company without the curator’s ID is not possible, as each Affiliate Partner of the Company promotes and carries out distribution of all the information on the Company's financial products to potential Investors and Affiliate Partners personally within their structure.

Is there a possibility to change the curator or move to another structure?

It is not possible to change the curator or move to another structure, as it is not technically feasible and is prohibited by the Company's policy with regard to the support of existing Affiliate Partners.

Can I register more than one account in my name?

Registration of multiple accounts in the same name is not possible. Only one account with the Company can be registered in an individual’s name. Creation of fictitious accounts in the names of relatives and/or friends, or «dummies», or «non-existent persons» (using false registration data or documents) is strictly prohibited.

Is it possible to register relatives if they want to be investors?

It is possible, but only on the condition that the persons registering such accounts will manage them by themselves, on their own behalf and at their own expense. Registration of relatives to perform distribution of financial resources and/or to create fictitious structures is prohibited. The compliance is monitored by the Company's financial control department.

Is it possible to re-register an account to another person, and how should it be done?

You can re-register the account to another person: to be able to do that, you need to contact the Company's Support Service, or grant control of the account to another person by a notarized power of attorney. It can be done in accordance with the current local law of the country of the account holder’s residence. The Company’s Support Service needs to be notified on such management rights (and, thus, account access details) transfer to another person in writing, as well as to be sent a copy of the notarized power of attorney.

How secure is my Private Office and my funds from the actions of fraudsters?

The Company takes all the possible measures at the modern technical level to protect the personal data, as well as the funds of the investors and affiliate partners. The systems and algorithms of protection and encryption used, are now regarded as sufficiently reliable. The users bear their own responsibility for security of the account management access details (login and password).

How can I replenish my account?

To replenish your account, you can use OkPay, E-Payments, ADVCash + BitCoin, and Perfect Money payment systems, as well as bank transfer. Replenishment is available to any user of the system. When you need to do it, choose your Investment account in your Private Office menu (account menu/Investment account) and press the Replenish button. Follow the instructions on the screen.

How long are withdrawal requests processed?

Withdrawal requests are processed from 1 to 3 (three) business days when paid to an electronic payment system, depending on the number and the total amount of the orders to process, and up to 5 (five) business days, when paid to a bank account. Minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USD. Withdrawal of funds is executed to the payment system, through which the deposit was made. There are no restrictions on the number of requests for withdrawal.

Can I use several investment programs simultaneously?

You can have an unlimited number of investment programs. The composition and structure of your investment portfolio (i.e., the number of the investment programs, their duration, the sums transferred to be managed by relevant automated investment programs, methods of diversification, etc.) depend entirely on your personal preferences as an investor, as well as on your financial budget and Investment horizons. An exception is an investment for a two-month period. The minimal (2-month) period of investment is «Introductory». Each user is given the opportunity to make an investment for a minimal period of time only once.

Can I increase my deposit to my current investment program?

There is no such possibility. The increase of the amount of investment under the current investment program is not available. You can create an additional investment by transferring the required funds to be managed by the investment program you have chosen.

How do I get a return on investment?

The return on investment is credited to your investment account upon ending of each trading week.

What are the guarantees for investors?

Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. explicitly informs its Investors and Affiliate Partners that investment activities involve risk. There can be no guarantee that the next transaction of the investment program will not lead to losses (financial losses).

What factors does yield depend on?

In spite of the fact that the Company's trading strategy is characterized by resistance to market changes, profitability of the current trading significantly depends on market circumstances and can fluctuate within certain limits. Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. provides the real-time opportunity to observe the results of current binary options transactions through specialized investor access (for each of the investment programs).

What is the minimum sum of investment?

The minimum amount of investment is $ 100, however, such an investment can only be created once (for each Investor).

How to receive the principal of an investment to the investment account after its maturity?

Automated trading system of Stamford Trading Technologies, LP. discontinues managing funds after maturity of an investment (that is, expiration of the period you chose when it was created), and the investment process stops automatically. On the list of investments in the User’s Private Office (in the Investments / List of Investments section) such an investment will have the Discontinued status (this status is displayed in yellow-orange color and indicates that the investment is withdrawn from management). To make a decision on how to use the funds further, it is necessary to go to the investment details page by clicking the relevant Details button. On that page you can choose one of the two options:

a) to close the investment (and return its principal to the investment account);

b) to re-invest (to re-create the investment: see the relevant section).

After clicking the Close button, the investment will have the Closing status. The process of closing an investment can take up to three full business days. After that, the investment will have the Closed status, and the principal of the investment will be returned to the investment account.

Describe the order of actions to return the principal of an investment to an investment account.

1. Go to the Investments / List of investments section of the Private Office;

2. Click the Details button (to go to the details of the investment);

3. Click the Close button.

The process of closing an investment takes up to three full business days.

Is it possible to reinvest (invest the funds previously transferred under the management of the investment program again)?

Yes. It is possible. After the maturity of an active investment, it will have the Discontinued status, and on the Investment Details page the Repeat button will become available. By clicking that button you will create a new (active) investment for the same amount (however, you can choose a different investment strategy and the duration of the investment).

Will the affiliate commission for my reinvestment be accrued to higher-level Partners?

Will the affiliate commission for my reinvestment be accrued to higher-level Partners?

How soon is my reinvestment accepted for management?

Like investments, reinvestments are accepted for management within two full working days.

What is the yield on reinvestment?

Reinvestments are accrued the same investment income as investments.

Are reinvestments taken into account when calculating the amount of the structure investment?

Yes. Reinvestments are treated equally to investments when calculating the total sum of the structure investment (for 8 levels of the structure).

Do reinvestments count when calculating the amount of personal investment?

Yes. Reinvestments are treated equally to investments when calculating the sum of personal investment.

What is special about the Fixed trading program?

Unlike the other three trading programs (Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive), the Fixed trading program has a fixed yield rate. The yield for this program is 22.5% per month (that is, 270% per annum) and is guaranteed by the Company's own funds. It is the highest yield level of all the other investment products that can be offered to the Company's Investors.

What is the minimum investment amount for the Fixed trading program?

The minimum investment amount for the fixed yield program is USD 10,000. The investment period is 12 months (one year).

Can I become the Company’s Affiliate Partner if I do not make my own investment but attract investors and partners?

No. To become the Company’s Partner you need to replenish your investment account and create, at least, one investment. After that, the possibility to become a Partner will be available instantly.

Does the total amount of investment (including those that have matured) count when the sum of personal investment required to obtain (or keep) a certain status level, as well as to receive partner rewards, is calculated?

No. For the purpose of assigning a certain status level (or in order to keep the previously obtained status level), as well as when calculating Partner commission, the investment cannot accumulate. That is, at any given moment, a Partner needs to have an amount of active investments relevant to their current status level. For example, for the Chief Manager’s status level, it is necessary to have an investment of $5000 at each given moment (in the form of either one or several investments).

What are the minimal requirements to become a Partner?

To become the Company’s Partner, it is necessary to make (and further maintain), at least, one active investment. The minimum investment is $100, but you can only invest this amount once. Further, given the status level reached by you, you must constantly have at least one active investment for the amount that would meet the status level requirements.

What will happen to my Partner status if all my active investments mature?

If you used to have active investments but they have matured, you are given 3 full working days to create at least one investment (relevant to your current status level) and, thus, continue working as a Partner of the Company. In the case that a new investment has not been created within 3 working days, your partner commission accrual will be cancelled.

Is it possible to cease being a participant in the affiliate program and be an investor only?

Yes, it is possible. The affiliate agreement will be terminated; the commissions accrual will stop.

What is the highest career growth level for Partners?

The highest (the eighth in a row) status level is the Company President level.

What are the requirements for accrual of the bonuses for reaching a status level?

In accordance with the new conditions, such a bonus will be accrued in the case that a Partner (a candidate for a bonus), who has reached a status level of Chief Manager (or above), has in their own structure two Partners who are at a previous step of the career ladder. Besides, one of those Partners (a first-line Partner) has to be immediately in the candidate’s first line, and another – at any of the eight levels of their structure (except for the first-line Partner’s sub-structure).

Could you give an example of a compliance with the conditions for a bonus accrual?

As an example, let us consider the following situation. A Partner (a candidate for a bonus) has reached the status level of the Marketing Director (it is the fourth step of the career ladder). The bonus (in this case it is 25,000 US dollars) will be awarded, provided that there is, at least, one Partner of the Chief Manager’s status level (it is the third, that is, the previous step of the career ladder) in the first line of their structure, and there is another Partner of the Chief Manager’s level on any of the eight (including the first, of course) levels of the structure.

Can I receive the Agreement with the original seal and the signature of the Head of the Company?

The legal form of the Agreements is a public (for the Client Agreements) and a firm (for the Affiliate Partner Agreements) offer. Such type of agreements does not require signing. Documents are publicly declared and are an open offer for persons who wish to enter into a contractual relationship (which is described in more detail in the Client Agreement). You can sign documents from your side, however, they come into force not from the moment of signing, but from the moment of acceptance.

How are the client’s assets, invested with the company, inherited in the event of their death?

The matter of inheritance can be resolved in accordance with the local law of the country of the account (and, accordingly, the money kept on the account holder’s accounts) holder’s residence by writing a relevant will of the established form.

Where can I get access details to observe the Company's real account at the trading platform?

The access details are provided in the Private Office on the Details of the Investment page.

How often can I request the PIN to verify my phone number?

To verify your phone number, you can request 1 (one) SMS every two minutes. You will have 3 (three) attempts to enter the PIN correctly. Please, be careful when entering the PIN.

Will you be sending out unwanted text messages (advertising, for example) via your SMS notification service?

No. The Company guarantees that only the messages connected with important events in your account and your structure will be sent via the SMS notification service.

Which events will you notify me of via the SMS notification service?

Using the service, you will receive SMS notifications about the following events:

  • New User Registration in your structure;
  • Creation of a new investment in your account (specifying the number of the newly created investment);
  • Accrual of the investment income (for active investments) to your investment account (specifying the amount of income and the investment number);
  • Receipt of an internal transfer from another User to your transfer account (specifying the amount of the transfer);
  • Your withdrawal request processing (specifying the withdrawal request number and its status);
  • Verification of your account in the system.

What format should a phone number be specified in?

Please note, that the phone number must be entered in the following format:

  • The plus sign;
  • The full number (with the mobile operator code).

Please, do not use any other symbols (except «plus» sign and numbers) when entering the phone number (do not use such symbols as «space», «hyphen» or brackets).

A correct phone number should look like this: +12345678989 (this number is fictitious and is given as an example only).

Can I change the phone number I specified previously, and if so, how?

If earlier you specified the phone number incorrectly (or in the wrong format), you can change it in the Personal Data section of your Private Office. In the case that you change the phone number, you will need to re-verify it.

How do I know that my number has been verified successfully?

Verified (that is, confirmed) phone numbers will be marked (in your Profile in the Private Office, as well as in the Structure section) with the relevant sign (green). You will begin to receive SMS notifications immediately after the phone number has been verified successfully.